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Water hygiene – Engineering and technology services

Independent advice and personal care by qualified and certified engineers and technicians

Water that comes into contact with humans needs to be of a quality that does not pose a risk to health (§ 37 Infection Protection Act). A guaranteed high quality of drinking water is regulated by the most recent revision of the Drinking Water Ordinance dated 2023. The legislator distinguishes here between different types of “providers”, starting with large water works, domestic wells, ships, aircraft, temporary water distribution to distribution in buildings. The respective operators or owners need to comply with numerous regulations.

The ordinance governing evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet scrubber systems (42nd German Federal Immission Protection Ordinance (BImSchV) has been in force since September 2017 to prevent the spread of legionella through the air. The sprayed water is closely monitored in these systems. In this case, too, the operators or owners have various obligations, for the compliance of which we offer extensive services.

We offer the sampling and analysis of:

  • Drinking water from wells and drinking water installations
  • Water from piped and non-piped water dispensers
  • Swimming pool and bathing water
  • Water from evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet scrubbers
  • Water from ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Water from sealed heating and cooling circuits
  • Water from solar thermal and heat pump systems

as well as consultative services:                           

  • Production of risk analyses in accordance with § 16 Para. 7 No. 2 of the German Drinking Water Ordinance
  • Site inspection and production of sampling schedules


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Water hygiene – Laboratory services

Find information on our sampling in drinking water, bathing and swimming pool water, heating water, feed water and the extended scope of our analysis here.


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