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Protection for your health and well-being


Influencing factors

Many factors, such as contaminated building materials, treated textiles, drugs with side-effects and contaminated food, have a direct impact on our human organism. Even interiors polluted with contaminants (“residential and office toxins”) harm our health and our well-being. Environmental toxins, such as solvents, heavy metals and wood preservatives can cause or trigger "Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS) or “Building Related Illness” (BRI), with diverse symptoms of disease and illness.



Chemical environmental pollution and physical interference variables have an effect on man and his immune system. Disease symptoms, such as headaches, exhaustion, fatigue. allergies, skin irritation, watering and red eyes and coughing, can occur. We can limit the cause of the problem by an integrated approach, from sampling to pollutant analysis and problem solving, by the qualitative and quantitative determination of chemical pollutants in buildings. We will not leave you alone with the result of the analysis but also offer specific recommendations and renovation concepts.



Integrated analysis and individual advice.


Our services

  • Analysis

    Using the latest measuring technology and standardised methodology of chemical and technical analysis, we can demonstrate in what areas the situation can be improved. All sampling and analysis is done in accordance with nationally recognised and standardised methods in accordance with VDI, DIN, OSHA and NIOSH.
    Analysis is performed in room air and in solids e.g.: wood preservatives, pesticides, solvents, plasticisers, fibres, dust, radioactivity etc. and in terms of physical variables e.g. electromagnetic/electrical alternating fields, body power density, electromagnetic radiation, indoor climatic factors etc.
  • Personal advice

    You will receive professional support from a single source on a range of different issues through independent advice and the development of renovation concepts.

    • Environmental construction advice to ensure that you ultimately feel at home within your four walls
    • Independent advice on building materials
    • Construction-biological supervision of planning projects by the development of cost-optimised building and renovation concepts

Our environmental analysis services

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Process technology

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Software for legally compliant facilities management documentation

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