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Professional organisation of sampling in drinking water installations and heating/cooling systems

The regular inspection of drinking water installations for legionella and other organisms harmful to man is regulated by law in the Drinking Water Ordinance. The examination of heating and cooling systems is specified in technical regulations and standards. The electronic management of test results represents a major challenge for specialist companies who offer these services to customers in practice.

The benefits at a glance

  • Sampling point management in buildings
  • Photo documentation of sampling points
  • Legally secure archiving and documentation of laboratory results
  • Efficient planning and organisation of sampling and follow-up examinations
  • All building-specific types of investigation: Drinking water, swimming pool and bathing pool water, water dispensers, evaporative cooling systems, air humidification equipment, closed heating, cooling and solar circuits

Professional sampling from drinking water installations and technical systems in buildings and archiving of results

Sampling to check the water quality in drinking water supply lines and in technical building services systems is a very responsible task. However, in practice the test results from test centres and laboratories are generally sent to the clients in paper form or electronically, without there being a building-specific overview of the sampling points. Comparison of the latest test results with previous investigations is impossible because there was no clear designation of the sampling points.

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