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Air hygiene – Laboratory services

Sampling can be carried out by qualified personnel. Test kits can be ordered from our shipping department depending on your specific requirements. The samples are then analysed and evaluated in accordance with validated and accredited processes. Our quality is reconfirmed annually by successful participation in official ring trials.


We will carry out qualified evaluations on the following samples:

  • Spillage and swab sampling for ventilation and air conditioning systems as per VDI 6022 Sheet 1
  • Evaporative cooling systems in accordance with VDI 2047 Sheet 2 and Sheet 3
  • Investigations into the presence of mould in indoor room air according to the DIN EN ISO 16000 series of standards
  • Dust surface density investigations in ventilation and air conditioning systems in accordance with DIN EN 15780 and VDI 6022 Sheet 1


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Air hygiene – Engineering and technology services

Independent advice and personal care by qualified and certified engineers and technicians.

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Water hygiene – Laboratory services

Find information on our sampling in drinking water, bathing and swimming pool water, heating water, feed water and the extended scope of our analysis here.

Our environmental analysis services

Gain an overview of our standard investigations here.

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Request test kits for sampling by a certified person within your company.
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